Saturday, April 18, 2009


I'm feeling 'bloggish', so I decided to ramble on here for all you wonderful ppl. Ain't that nice of me? You know, what they say about family blogs is true; unless you know the ppl, it's really not that great to have to roll or scroll through seemingly endless pictures of kids, fat aunties, and other such trivia that you really have no idea who they are or what's it's all about. I like Irene's blog. 
It's been 72 days since that nasty little accident seemed to dominate my life, and yet it seems like there's no sign of it letting up. Luz suggests I cut it off. What do you say?  :)

There's been a general feeling of freedom since my rooming partner has gone off on a trip (it's been over a week now) and it's great! I can sleep when I want, read in quietness, have a place to run to when things get too exciting, etc. Something tells me though that this will probably be the last time in a loooong while that I'll have a room to meself, since we're supposed to be moving out and into another house which, I believe, I'll be sharing with the wonderful gf hehe.

So, here's to the last remnants of blissful solitude, clink! 

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Did it!

Hurrah! Today I completed one month of my life without the use of my right hand! So far so good. Just thot I should share that with you ;) 
Peace & love

Saturday, February 21, 2009


Hey.... wasn't able to post much, considering the Feast, + a host of other thingies that keep life spinning.. still managing to survive with this right hand not being much to me beyond the point of total uselessness, heh. Was able to impart some sound advice to a dear friend of mine today who's in a semi-selah aka hush-hush situation. Poor dear. She really should come here. Oh, we got our first rain today, yay! Don't you love the smell of the air when it's raining? Dee-licious. Oh yes, some drunk jerk smashed into our van late last night! Didn't call the cops though. Could have done time for sure. Gosh, I never have seen so many accidents with cars before. He's a neighbour so guess we decided to keep the peace. Crazy!
We told our landowner we're moving out, now we'll have to seriously search for a new place. Scary & exciting at the same time. Pray for us! I'm still not sure what to call this post, maybe pot-pourri?
Peace and love.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Feeling Melancholic

It's amazing how the human body adapts to its environment. Who would have thot that in a matter of days I could learn how to button up shirts, eat without spilling, shower, brush my teeth, type fairly decently, all with my left hand?
I sure didn't. No, still haven't figured out how to tie my laces. For that, gotta to get me gf. Cheers Tino on your 16th! I did write you actually, check out Facebook. It's been a week since I fell, clumsily, to the ground. Wish I could wear my cast with pride, like I hurt it saving a beautiful damsel in distress, ha.  Every dog has his day, wat do you say to that?
Seems I hurt myself just before something cool happens. Like the possible day trip to the Marquesa. Arrgh! Just my luck. Guess will have to brave it out. Love horses, & can't stand the thot of others ridin'm without mua.
Say a prayer for me, will you? Can't WAIT to get this thing off of me. Peace to all abroad.

Friday, February 6, 2009

My Blog Sucks.

It's all my fault. Soooo many interesting things have happened since my last post (which is over 3 months old, btw) and now I've felt like I've cheated all you lovely people by not sharing'm with you. Fastforward from Halloween's... Thanksgiving.... Christmas (no photos here, boo)... New Year's party... vacations... the present, ok, let's take it from here.

Yesterday, whilst trying to be all manly and climb a tree, my foot slipped on the bark and I fell. Weird, my shoes' grip is good. Anyway I hardly fell from a great height, but rather it was the way I fell that gifted me a fractured wrist. 
Now my life is in the reverse, using my left hand for everyday functions, including typing this to you, which is taking mua more than double of the time it would normally take. My brain probably gets to boast of being 2 1/2 times faster now that I've solicited the use of the underappreciated, under-used, 'Mr. Leftie.' Oh well. I'll at least get to win every contest in the home that has to do with the left hand once I'm through healing. Penwald ambidextrous, like mother.
There, I've done it. Maybe that was terribly boring, so hopefully I'll be able to have something more interesting to tell you the next time. Pray I heal fast yah? Apparently my body has a tendency to do just that.
No more tree-climbing for me.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

All For the Children

It seems that the only times I get to do something extra special for our kids is when 2/3rds of the home is out doing kind deeds for the good of mankind. E.g., When we hosted our first mini-retreat ever, I was chosen as Lord High Guardian of the Children (aka, please-stay-back-and-keep-the-home fires-burning), so I indulged in the age-old practice of pillow-fighting with the kiddos, and while in the process of doing so, I managed to get the zipper of a pillow slashed across my forehead by an attacking adult member of the female sex (fun!).

This time 'round those 2/3rds coincidentally managed to go out on their merry way again, this time to Guanajuato, witnessing up a storm as they went. So there I was, drumming away on the table with my fingers, with a fistful of colour pencils in one hand, and schoolbooks in the other, trying hard to think up something diff for our little micro-members to get their hands into, when the simple yet very appropriate idea of hosting a slumber party managed to stumble into my mind. Our older girls were nearly besides themselves with excitement and insisted on doing little jobs for me so I could arrange the details. After a couple of decisive phone calls, and much praying, 6 little munchkins (if I may be allowed to call a 12 year-old kid a munchkin) presented themselves for an evening of fun, brownie face-stuffing along with popcorn, which I personally hate, a movie, and finally, the real deal, sleeping cots for all in our living room, bringing the grand total of the munchkin population up a notch to 18 (talk about a crowd). 
But, you see, it originally wasn't going to be that way.
I had plans of my own for tonight, like going out to play pool with the guys, downing a coupla drinks, and generally chill-laxing. I guess being with children most of your time, and then choosing to make it your career may not seem glamorous to most. 

The truth: It isn't.

But knowing that I'm building our future by shaping the character and overall development of two resident munchkins puts every conceivable little grey cell I possess to work, and besides keeping myself mentally on my toes, so to speak, I honestly do have a lot of fun in the process.

--Special thanks to Joy, who through her many contributions was able to help make this evening a very memorable one. You're tops in my books hun!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Regaining my footing...

It's been abominably cold ever since I got back from the seminar... brrrrr. I wear more clothes than I have needed to in a long time now. Funny that, considering the other three attendees from the Coffeeshop are fine n' dandy.


Everything has been a little hazy, dream-like even, since I returned home. Not sure if I can attribute it to the information-overload syndrome, or the fact that, not 96 hours ago, I was surrounded with so many beautiful women. Whatever it may be, I do hope it will fade away soon so I can go back to normalcy. Today I took back command of the two rascals I tutor, Galio and Donovan, who were eyeing me curiously throughout our morning's lessons. I imagine they were probably waiting to see some faint semblance of change in my patterns of tutoring. There was, actually, for, instead of pressing ever onward with the usual drills of counting, vocabulary-expansion (which is minimal at best, considering I tutor them in Spanish), motor skills, etc., I took time to indulge in making, what they called, bread. Actually, it was salt dough, and we spent the better part of an hour shaping little creatures, some recognizable, some not, and sticking them out in the sunshine to dry, with so many reassuring promises from me that, yes, we would see their works of art again, and no, no birds would swoop down from the heavens and devour those priceless artifacts.  We shall put paint to their as-of-now brown bodies tomorrow. So suffice it to say that yes, I am, in a small way, changing my methods, injecting spontaneity whenever possible in order to ensure that their education will be nothing but fond memories of 'making a gigantic dinosaur (it was a gecko, in fact) with Uncle Iman.'